Teen Day

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Teen Day is a one-day annual event open to all teenagers who are deaf or hard of hearing (DHH) in Colorado. This event occurs in the spring or fall during the school week with most teachers using this day as a field trip. Teens who are in private schools, home schooled, or do not otherwise have access to a school bus can be dropped off by parents.


The structure of Teen Day includes presentations by experts on the chosen topic, panels of DHH adults, activities to promote social interaction among the teens, and workshops to apply lessons learned from the presentations. We encourage teachers and parents to further explore the topics introduced at Teen Day by discussing them in the classroom and at home. Teen Day is a no-cost event to the teens, made possible through grants, and corporate sponsorships.


The primary goal of Teen Day is to make the teens aware of the many resources available to them in this stage of life and continuing into young adulthood. We hope to play a role in empowering each teen to become an independent, successful adult by providing them with tools and information they can take advantage of when necessary.


The next Teen Day will be held on March 16, 2016!

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