Speech Screening

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Early detection and intervention of speech and language problems can significantly improve a child's ability to learn and to communicate. For children less than 2 years, developmental milestones for speech and language are assessed by parent and/or caregiver questionnaire and by a series of observations at the time of screening. Children aged 2 to 3 years are screened for age-appropriate emergence of speech sounds and gestures. Children aged 3 to 7 years are screened for age-appropriate production of speech sounds. Additionally, children are assessed for overall speech clarity/intelligibility in both formal and conversational speech production.


Speech/Language Milestones


Typical speech/language milestones for children aged 7 months to less than 3 years.


Speech Clarity


The ability to clearly understand the spoken language of the child. (Ages 7 months-18 years)




A child's speech articulation is tested for a variety of speech sounds against normative data at age appropriate levels. (Ages 2-18 years)




Understanding Your Child’s Screening Report

Pass- Results of the speech/language screen indicate that speech or language development appears to be age appropriate.

Refer- Results of the speech screening indicate that responses did not meet screening criteria for this age. Refer to Marion Downs Center, Child Find, or a speech-language pathologist of your choice for a complete evaluation. 

Refer (Dx)- Continue/Follow plan of care as already determined by your child's current speech-language pathologist.

Rescreen- Results of the speech screen indicate that some responses were inconsistent or could not be obtained for one or more required tests. Call Marion Downs Center at 303-322-1871 if you have questions, otherwise rescreen as recommended on your report.