Marion Downs Center Programs

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The Marion Downs Center serves as a resource to provide programs and education to individuals and their families who are challenged with hearing loss or barriers to communication.


Connect and Grow Teen Program

 Supporting teens with hearing loss through Teen Day, an all-day event focused on preparing high school students who are deaf and hard of hearing for life after high school and Campus Connections, a 3-day conference at the University of Colorado Boulder Campus for college bound teenagers who are deaf and hard of hearing.



A hearing, speech, language, vision, and developmental/learning screening program to promote early identification of communication and learning difficulties.  Screenings are not routinely available to all children through their schools or childcare centers.


Marion's Way

The Marion Downs Center Summer Preschool Project is an intensive summer preschool program for children who are deaf or hard of hearing incorporating a language-rich environment and instruction with a focus on developing listening and spoken language skills.


RISE- Read, Imagine, Share, Explore

Building and supporting community-wide literacy by equipping preschoolers and their families with fundamental tools used in the development of English vocabulary, the ability to read and write and the capacity to think creatively.


Sound Solutions

The occupational health division of the Marion Downs Center has been providing onsite hearing testing to noisy industries since 1972.  Currently Sound Solutions visits over 300 companies delivering an OSHA/MSHA/FRA compliant program to noise exposed workers annually.  Services include onsite mobile hearing testing, training, reporting, evaluation, spirometry, sound level surveys, and a variety of hearing protection devices.


Family Education and Social Events

Hearing loss impacts every member of the family.  Providing opportunities for families to socialize and network with one another is an important component of our community outreach efforts.  At our events, parents often find new resources and networks, children create new friendships, and everyone enjoys being a part of a special community.


Sign Language Program

The MDC Sign Language Program introduces students to a new way of understanding the world through a second language.  The program is designed to teach functional sign language to be used in everyday interactions.  We serve teachers, parents, and others who are interested in developing the ability to more effectively communicate with varied populations.


Consumer Workshops

Throughout the year, the MDC hosts seminars and workshops for the community.  Topics presented typically include: the latest features available in hearing aids and cochlear implants, current research and innovations in the field of hearing science, tinnitus management, Assistive Listening Device (ALD) technology and strategies, and advocacy.  Aural rehabilitation classes are offered to support the needs of individuals with hearing loss and their families.