Clinical Services

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Audiology Evaluation

The MDC audiologists provide world class hearing health care to patients of all ages.  Comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluations using state-of-the-art procedures and protocols provide the necessary information for recommendations regarding diagnosis and management.  Evaluations include establishing history and concerns, visual inspection of the ears, pure-tone and speech testing using air and bone conduction, tympanometry and acoustic reflex testing, and other specialized tests when needed.  Results and recommendations are reviewed for each session.


Communication Consultation

Consultations about technology and communication options allow consumers to get unbiased information to make decisions about optimal treatment options. 


Hearing Aids and Assistive Devices

Hearing aid services include the selection, fitting, verification and validation of technology based on individual needs.  Services are guided using audiometric fitting prescriptions modified by personal preference and specific environmental needs.


Cochlear Implant Services

The consideration of cochlear implant candidacy can be a natural step for individuals with hearing loss.  Our experienced team can assess candidacy and help individuals and their families navigate the challenges when hearing aids are not enough.


Occupational Hearing Assessment

Through our Sound Solutions Program (begun in 1972) we provide annual hearing tests and employee training to meet OSHA compliance for manufacturing firms, conduct Sound Level Surveys (noise mapping and dosimeter rental) and provide custom molded hearing protection.  We have branched out into the recreational area of hearing conservation, providing community outreach and services for musicians, hunters, and recreational shooters, in an effort to help prevent hearing loss due to noise exposure.  Over 13,000 workers were served in this last fiscal year.


Aural (Re)habilitation

(Re)habilitation services can support optimized communication success through professionally guided resources and peer support.  It is recommended that family members accompany individuals through the process. 


Speech and Language Services

The MDC speech-language pathologists diagnose and treat speech or language difficulties in individuals of all ages.  One-on-one speech/language evaluations and therapy, both for people affected by hearing loss and those with other types of communication challenges are available.


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