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KidScreen is a hearing, speech, language, vision, and developmental learning screening program to promote early identification of communication and learning problems. Most doctors' offices do not offer comprehensive screening for hearing, speech, and functional vision.  Screening can identify children who should receive further evaluation.



Early detection and management of hearing problems can significantly improve a child's ability to learn. There can be several reasons for a failed hearing screen, such as inattention, fatigue, misunderstood directions, presences of middle ear fluid, excess ear wax, or a hearing loss.


Early detection and intervention of speech and language problems can significantly improve a child's ability to learn and to communicate. For children less than 2 years, developmental milestones for speech and language are assessed by parent and/or caregiver questionnaire and by a series of observations at the time of screening. Children aged 2 to 3 years are screened for age-appropriate emergence of speech sounds and gestures. Children aged 3-7 years are screened for age-appropriate production of speech sounds. Additionally, children are assessed for overall speech clarity/intelligibility in both formal and conversational speech production.


Children learn skills important for reading and writing during early speech and language development. Our standardized language screening test is used to help determine if a child's language skills are developing normally or if he or she is in need of further assessment of language abilities.


Early detection and correction of vision problems can significantly improve a child's school readiness and ability to learn. There are several ways we check vision, including tests for visual acuity and for functional vision.


Our developmental screening tests are based on your child's age. They help determine if your child's developmental, academic and learning skills are on target for his or her age, or if there is a need for further evaluation.

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