Hearing Technology Support

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Personal Listening Technology Assessments

Throughout the program, staff audiologists play an important role in making sure your child is hearing as well as he/she can. Before the preschool begins, our audiologists will evaluate your child's personal hearing technology (hearing aids, cochlear implants, and osseointegrated devices) to ensure they are working correctly and providing enough amplification (loudness). Every morning, our team will check your child's personal listening technology to make sure they are working well.

FM Technology

Personal FM systems are used with each child's individual hearing technology to enhance the speaker's voice and reduce background noise in the classroom and outside. An FM system is also very helpful when the speaker (teacher) is far away from the student. The FM systems makes sure each child receives the best auditory signal possible and maximizes their listening skills. We are grateful to Phonak for providing us with the latest hearing technology, Inspiro.

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