The New Marion Downs Center

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Redefined and Preparing to Lead the Way in Services, Education, and Support


The Marion Downs Center is recognized worldwide for its leadership, progressive innovations and cutting edge clinical service.  Its mission to value and promote individual and family choice in treatment, technology, and communication options for individuals with hearing loss and their families is unique.  The Marion Downs Hearing Center has merged with the Center for Hearing, Speech and Language.  For 96 years, the Center for Hearing, Speech and Language has had a remarkable presence in Colorado.  Their extraordinary legacy was built through enriching people’s lives by providing innovative, caring, and high-quality services for people with barriers to communication, regardless of financial status.


Now, these two organizations have combined their efforts into the new Marion Downs Center, a “Center of Excellence” with a combined vision to serve our community with the highest level of service, support, and education.


Our Purpose:

To provide resources, services, and education to meet the needs of individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing or communicatively challenged, their families, and the professionals who work with them.


Our Vision:

To serve as a unique organization providing outstanding and innovative service, education, and support to fill a growing need locally and globally.


Sandra Gabbard, PhD, Marion Downs Center Executive Director and Jill Wayne, AuD, Marion Downs Center Associate Director are working diligently to implement Marion’s vision of access and support into the existing and future services and programs of the new Marion Downs Center.  With the enthusiastic support of the Marion Downs Center Board of Directors, fundraising for programs and a new facility will continue as a critical element for growth and development.